The MIH brand has been expanding its canvas.

It is somewhat difficult to maintain the same level of success. It requires so much, for example, dedication, determination, hard work and knowledge. In the fashion industry, a few names could be observed and seen in the following lines. The MIH Denim Jeans is continuously breaking all the records of success. The brand has completed its 10 marvelous years of success. And now the customers are going to find so much more. The canvas of the MIH Jeans has been expanding, day by day. In the early times, the brand dealt with just various types of jeans, but now the customers could find many accessories. Some are related to home decor and some of them are woman clothes, like shirts, T-shirts, jeans coat, jeans and so much more. Since the arrival of the brand, it has been increasing. After such success, the owner of the MIH Jeans brand Chloe Lonsdale has been planning to move backward and bring something from the past as well, the jeans Machine, of course, the premium brand for men, one more time with some new additions. Lonsdale has been also planning to include footwear, handbags, and homewares.

When are the critics asked the question to Lonsdale how MIH Jeans brand is different from others? What is special about the brand that makes it different from all other brands? Lonsdale mentions that she is a professional and trained designer. The second reason is that she has more than enough knowledge about denim fabric because she has been observing her family in the denim business since her childhood. The other reason is that denim is being manufactured in Italy and Los Angeles, but the denim for MIH Jeans is being produced in London. The above all, we have a passion for creating beautiful products, that are specialized in denim vintage fit and washes., she said. Further Lonsdale adds, that we do not just make a pair of jeans, but we build a vision for a brand and a vision about a woman and her style of living. The jeans of MIH Jeans brand are different from the other jeans that are available in the world market. The reason is that the company manufactured its denim. The brand assured that the jeans of Mih Clothing are relaxed, has the great spirit of blue-jean, real products for the people of this world that engage the people with product. These are the qualities that do not only make the MIH Jeans brand but also make it possible to be at the acme of success. Because of its superb qualities the brand can also find more than 40 countries in the world, for example, Net-a-porter, Nordstrom, Le Bon Marche, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue and the path has been preparing for the more countries to mark the land. The famous celebrities are also loving the MIH Jeans. Many celebrities could be seen in the brand´s jeans, such as Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer, Emmy Rossum, Anne Hathaway, and Olivia Wilde. One could say that if a brand wants to be popular and famous, it should follow the footprint of MIH brand.